Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lock Bumping and Bump Keys

Beware of this kind of attack on your front door. Put on a lock that can't be bumped and do take other precautions please


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Unknown said...

I have installed deadbolts and these locks can't be bumped easily , even locksmith also suggest you to install those locks. As those locks are hard and won't break easily.

Bill Ford said...

Can you share some names of the locks that will not bumped easily so that i can install it on my home doors. Well the locks now i have installed by locksmith are also strong but after watching the video now i am looking forward to replace them with new one's.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the help , now i can show this video to nearby locksmith and ask them to install the right locks which can't bumped easily.

Chris Martin said...

Video shared above has really been helpful in spotting the errors while operating on those locks and how to correct the errors. Great video many locksmith will use this video.

Daniel Laughlin said...

Because of locksmith services today no one will have to worry about being stranded on the highway overnight, or locked out of your home until the next morning. They are there to help anytime, anywhere.

Drachy Short said...

These kind of videos will be helpful for new beginner locksmiths as it will be a source of great information for them. Locksmith Delray Beach team have shared such kind of videos with me and explained the mechanism of locks in brief.I have learned much things from them.

Unknown said...

Locksmith venutra is a firm near me that help me in knowing about the door lock security well. I now can easily operate on locks and keys without any video's help.

Shimon Wilson said...

If you prepare yourself in advance then you need not to worry about the those front door locking issues. Use the best quality locks for your front doors because this is the main entrance and it needs great security. So using the top quality locks over those doors can enhance the security to great level.Rochester Locksmith near have recently installed deadbolts in my apartment and those locks provide great security to my residence.

Eric Watson said...

I have called locksmith dallas tx to do repair my deadbolt as it's not functioning properly from past few days. They not only repaired it but also shared some thoughts about deadbolt and it's uses.