Monday, May 30, 2005

Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows: make show-n-tell cool again

Turn your digital photos into living video stories... Best of all, it's free :)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cribs - The Show about Celebrity Homes... Ghetto Style!

This is "Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous"... but with a twist! A ghetto twist ;) I watched Snoop Dog's House... I didn't know he was a family man :P Respect!

OpenBSD 3.7: The Wizard of OS

Now supports more wireless cards than ever.... It's about time! The below link is an intreview with its creators. So enjoy! If you are a nerd!

Avant Browser - Fastest browser on earth?

Avant Browser is a tabbed browser with Flash Filter, Popup Blocker, Cleaner and Web Search. I haven't heard about it or tried it until recently though!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

How to keep your mind sharp!

Simple.... keep it working... duh!

Poodle Predictor - How does your site rank?

Simulate search engines and predict your Google listings. See how search-engine friendly your site is, can the spider crawl it easily? Will it get good rankings? The little links in this site make it easy to view meta headers and diagnostics of your site as well as any broken links :) It is a great tool to fine tweak any site :)

Google Print - Goes Live!

One more service from google! I wonder if anyone can go without using a google service for a day?.... I can... No wait...I can't! Blogger is a google service ;) All jokes aside, this service is amazing... It can find any text from any book... Try it! Grab a book and enter a phrase from it and see what you get... Now that I think of it, this is the end of plagiarism as we know it!

Friday, May 27, 2005

13 MythBusters DVD's from Discovery Channel!

I just received my recent purchase of 13 DVD's of the Discovery Channel show (Mythbusters). I really love that show and can't wait to play those DVD's! If you have not seen this show, then you really should! You really don't know what you are missing! For the first time I see something that mixes science with fun that actually produce something worth watching! The 13 DVDs are: (Alcatraz Escape),(Barrel of Bricks),(Breakstep Bridge),(Buried Alive),(Buried in Concrete),(Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station),(Chicken Gun), (Exploding Toilet), (Explosive Decompression), (Lightening Strikes), (Penny Drop), (Sinking Titanic), and (Stinky Car).

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blogs Of The Day .com

Here you can find top 10 sites of the day as well as other tops like the top 20 posts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wormholes are 'no use' for time travel

It was scientifically disproved by Oregon University Researchers.... I was gonna try it anyhow!

D3 Is Over :(

Well, we all missed D! You know, the "All Things Digital" conference... This year, the speackers included Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Paul Ottelini. Too late now, better luck next year!

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Sith Sense

The dark force has powers, some of which are considered "un-natural".... One of them is mind reading... try it!

BlogsNow: what blogs link to

This site does exactly what it says... It shows you what most blogs linked to lately... Very interesting, I got my last post "crying while eating" from here!

Crying, while eating

This is supposed to be a Scientific Blog! But hey, I can't help but share this with you... So, enjoy this at the expense of others.

Star Wars Episode III: $158.5 Million in 4 Days !!!

Can you believe this? This is really unbelievable! $158.5 Million is how much (Star Wars Episode III) made in 4 days! Just to recall the highest grossing movies of all time, here you go .... just click at the link!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Netscape Browser 8.0 Out Now!

This is the latest browser from Netscape after a five year wait! It is said to be great and can switch between IE and Firefox engines depending on the site visited! Read more about it Here. Or, you can download it by clicking the link below.

A Great Deals Site:

Great deals... Everyday!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Friday, May 20, 2005

Das Keyboard - Blank Keyboard!

If you are into blank keyboards (you geek!), then you were pretty much limited to the $260 Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional - Blank Key Top Model. Not any more! Now you can get the Das Keyboard for a fraction of that price at only $79 :) Click the link to buy it now.

Personalize your Google!

It is better than you think... And if you are a regular google user (guilty!) then this is for you!

XBOX 360 Launch Video

Wonder how it's gonna to look or feel... Well, here is a video sean peak for ya!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

SanDisk Introduces Cruzer™ Profile, A Secure USB Flash Storage Drive with Fingerprint Identification

I can't wait for that one to come out. Looks so cool with the fingerprint ID technology. It will come in 512MB and 1GB storage capacoties. SanDisk was planning to release this new gadget to market mid April 2005, but still they have not released it yet. So stay tuned! - Video Blogs

You've heard of blogs, mobile blogs (Moblogs), Photoblogs, and even Podcasts... What's next? Well, you guessed it! It is video blogs AKA Vlogs!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bill Gates Windows Mobile 5 Keynote Speech

Click the link below for an hour long speech about the upcoming Windows Mobile 5 Platform. Or, why you should get it when it comes out.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


At last, I have found someone to run the site! So, from now on, the uaeteam site is going to be run as a blog (like It is going to keep you updated on uae team's participation in motor racing action as well as projects that team members udertake. The blog will also include car profiles and much more...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Monstrous Desktop .... Monstrous Laptop!

Two Monstrous Machines .... With the Top Hardware Options available in the market you can include in them .... I made those comparison between (Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4) and (Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2) .... Would you be intrested in buying one of them?

Monday, May 09, 2005 - Put your videos on the web for free!

Videos and images can be uploaded to the site for free... So, if you have a website and your space is limited, you can place all your videos on this site and link them from your page... A good example of that is The Chronicles of Narnia trailer as uploaded by RandomStuff Blog.

Learn Morse Code

Give it ten minutes a day for a period of about a week or so... and you should be fluent in it! It is not as hard as it looks... Try it and thank me later!

Sunday, May 08, 2005's First Anniversary!

Oh my God! It has been a year and three days (May 6th 2004) from the time of my first post on! Well, Happy Anniversary to me and all of my regular visitors :) The site went from 200 hits a day in June 2004 to 1200 a day in May 2005... And we are still in the beginning of the month (May 9th)! Just wanted to thank everyone for the support and for those who linked to me a very special thank you!

Marwan Ibrahim Wins A Snooker Match!

Apperently, there is another snooker player that has the same name as I do (Marwan Ibrahim) and he is from Dubai too! He is also good at snooker! I bet that he can't do the one hand, one leg, one eye thing that i can do though ;)

Guess-the-google Game

It is a very addictive flash game based on google images search... It is harder than you think.... My average score is around 200. See if you can do better.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Yahoo Video Search!

Unlike google's video search, which has only a still of parts of the video and transcripts from it, Yahoo's search actually includes a snapshot of the video and a link to the actual video file. Sweet ;)

Google Web Accelerator!

What will google come up with next! I have heard bad things about it... But hey, you be the judge! I download and trust everything googlie!

Fahad Inc. - UAE Forever's New Home?

Fahad Al Mahmood (creator of and my "web authoring partner" has released his own blog and I wish him all the best :)

Marzooq - A Funny Cartoon (in both Arabic and English)

I saw this cartoon on SBS and I thought it was really funny and I should share it with you :) Sharing is caring ;)

Friday, May 06, 2005

How to build a successfull website - According to Strong Bad!

I have seen some of these sites around you know ;) Note: Make sure that click on "Strong Bad's web page" at the end of the cartoon.

"It's A Mistake For Brazil To Build Their Own Linux" - Michael Robertson

Michael Robertson, CEO of Linspire explains why in the article below. I don't really agree with Mike on this one! I don't think that governments building their own Linux based OSes is a BIG mistake! After all, governments all over the world are already building their own software applications and some of them even sell their applications commercially to businesses and other governments. Open source is definitely the better way to do it on the OS level and having control over your code is definitely a big plus! If you disagree, let me know via the comments section or by email!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Online Shopping for the Cheap!

Just to let you know, I have added the following sites to the left link section of GotApex, Skimper, Cheap SB, and Ben's Bargains. Gmail Invites for Everyone!

Get your gmail invites here :) Also, it is a good place to donate your invites if you have no friends :P

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

FTO Wireless OMNIFI Project

I have just finished installing a wireless auto sync car audio system from Omnifi in my Mitsubishi FTO car. So far, I am happy with it :) I will publish pictures and a full review of the system when I get a chance. Basically, the system automatically syncs music and content from your PC to your car whenever you get into your car... The files synced could be music or podcasts which means that your radio is basically dead from now on! Including satellite radio!

Do Not Disturb - Auto SMS reply for Windows Based Mobiles

This program automatically sends an SMS to people who call you and you are unable to answer their calls for any reason. You can customize many options and restrict certain numbers or reply only to certain criteria.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wilderness Survival

Make fire from ice, water from plants, and even magnifying glass from Coke and chocolate!

Secrets of Firefox!

Have fun and more control over your Firefox Browser and its hidden settings.

How to sit at a computer

I went to ECU Live the other day and visited the "Occupational Therapy" display and they demonstrated how to sit at a computer... I was shocked to know that the way I sat was really bad and tiring!... What really amazed me though is that, after doing I.T. degrees of BSc., Masters, and now Doctorate, I still didn't know/learn how to sit on a computer! You would think that somewhere along the line, they would teach me how to sit on the computer... But until today, I had no clue! If you sit on a computer, which I am sure you do... You are doing it right now ;) then follow the link below and follow instructions on it. Thank me later =)

IM Smarter - Saves your Chat History

If you are a heavy IM chatter... and you are very forgetful, then this is for you :) It saves all your chats! Not only the ones from your home PC but anywhere you use your IM client. Best of all, it free for the basic version.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Emirates Palace - The World's Most Wired Hotel?

It sure sounds like it... It is located in UAE's capital Abu Dhabi. Rooms start from $600 US and go up to a whopping $12000! Enjoy the luxury and the technology!

A Love Story - In Chinese ;)

I got this from Orange17 AKA "Simply Restless". It sounds and looks really miserable!