Thursday, February 24, 2005

The New IPODS are Here!

The prices for the ipod have dropped dramatically in addition to the release of the newer more advanced ipods with improved memory sizes and longer battery life.

Monday, February 21, 2005

How to Stop Cabir Virus From Infecting your Nokia 6600 (From F-Secure)

If you have a 6600 and haven't been infected yet, chances are that your bluetooth is set to "Hidden" or that you don't get out much ;) The below link will show you how to prevent the virus from infecting your mobile. It even includes screen shots, so no excuese not to read it!

DKNY - World Watch

DKNY World watch, it changes timezones with a push of a button. A must for frequent travellers. It comes in a sleek design with a leather band. Another world watch you might want to consider is Tissot Navigator.

Underground Mac

Mac hacks, tips, and tricks. Mac OS X is Free BSD based which makes it an ideal system for security and scripting purposes. Happy scripting, kiddies!

Gmail Tips - 38 reasons to accept a gmail invite!

If you've heard of gmail and wondered why people would go for an account, here are 38 tips on gmail and why it is the best web based email out there. If you need an invite, let me know and i will send you one!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

SmartPhone/Bluetooth Remote Control for PowerPoint

Need I say more? Download it from the link below!

Motorola SLVR V8

You are looking at what might is well be my next mobile :) I am not sure yet if it is going to be smaller than my evening mobile (NEC N900) but I will probably find out soon enough! I have previously purchased the RAZR and I really hope that the new phone will have an easier to use menu system. Black rocks and is very manly ;)

Glucon: The Non-invasive, Continuous glucose Monitoring Watch

Glucon was just awarded a US patent for its glucose monitoring technology. This could just be the end of the use of pricks and their related monitoring devices. The patented technology is based on monitoring photoacoustic waves originating in the blood vessel to calculate the concentration of glucose in the blood vessel. So, far, the only product known to me that provides non-invasive glucose monitoring is the GlucoWatch Biographer and it is works on the measuring fluid rather than blood to monitor sugar levels. The drawbacks of the GlucoWatch were that it was less effective at detecting very low glucose levels (hypoglycemia) than it was at detecting very high levels (hyperglycemia). In addition, the device would not measure blood sugar at all if a person's arm was too sweaty. The device also caused mild to moderate skin irritation in at least 50 percent of the people using it (Source).

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Short Stories Available for Download

You can download these stories and read them on your mobile or PDA or even your laptop :P When combined with a program like Speed Reader Plus - Smartphone Edition... Short stories become a breeze to read!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mickey Mouse Musical Toaster - - We Deliver Fun

Get your yours today!... It plays a happy song when your mickey mouse toasts are ready :) Cutting Edge stuff!

Download Linspire and Linspire LIVE! For Free...

Linspire is a Linux based Operating System (OS) with plug and play support for most USB and FireWire devices. Even installing a program is a snap. If you are a Windows user and always wanted to give linux a shot, then this is your chance. It is FREE... Here is what you have to do: 1- click the link below 2- Click "Apply Coupon" On coupon screen 3- Enter "LINDOWS" as your coupon code. 4- Click "Update" 5- Click "Continue" then "Check out" 6- Choose: Create Make new account 7- Follow instructions for Downloading. you then can download .ISO image for both the Standard Lindows Installation or the LIVE version.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

How to Make Paper Planes - In 3D

How to make five different fully functional aerodynamically sound paper planes.

Video - Taking-Apart the Mac Mini

I am really impressed with the Mac Mini.... I hope you are too... Read on!

Installing Debian GNU/Linux on the Mac Mini

Humm... You can even dual boot Mac OS X and Linux... and with Virtual PC Software on Linux, you can run pretty much anything :)

Overclocking Apple Mac mini

I am in the process of trying to buy a mac mini.... I don't really want to spend a bunch of my hard earned cash on a white plastic box! So, when I saw this article on overclocking the Mac, I decided to go for the lowest model ($499 US) and then try to overclock it!... Simple huh? Not really... I got shocked when I saw the size of the resistors :( Look at them:

Monday, February 14, 2005 No More!

MPAA Cracked Down on illegal movie sharing... The site now reads: "You can click but you can't hide. There are websites that provide legal downloads. This is not one of them."

Colorful night-vision on the way!

The Dutch military has come up with a way to color those green infra red night vision images... It is a three step process based on AI I guess that maps colors from familiar scenes with current colorless images. Read on!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S.

The MSN Careers article in the link below includes the highest paying jobs according to education level required.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bill Gates at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show

Watch Bill Gates entire interview with Conan O'Brien at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show. Very interesting, and lasts for one hour and 20 minutes. He talks on digital music, movies, gaming and the future of communication technologies.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Google Video Search

Search TV programs and News with this new beta search from google... It basically searches scripts (i guess)... not really sure!

Google Maps

Google has just launched this service :) give it a try.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Woot! "The One Item, One Day" Online Sale Site!

This site puts one item up for grabs each day at a very special low price. The quantities are limited and the items are shipped the same day! Each Item is sold only for one day though.

SD and Flash Memory Recorder!

For around $130 you can get this nifty little gadget that hooks up to any analog source and records video in MPEG format. It can also play videos in several formats on your tv.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Gmail Invites... Free to ALL!

I was checking my Gmail recently... and what did i find?... 50 Gmail invites... What does this mean to you? It means I will give anyone... yesss.. ANYONE a Gmail invite!.... So just email me or put your email in the comments section of this post and i will send you an invite :) If you need more than one, don't worry... you will get some invites when you activate your account :)

1TB Compact Disc!

It is based on Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) technology. A single CD-sized holographic disc can hold 1 terabytes of data!... That’s over 33 times more than HD-DVD technology and 20 times more than Blu-ray technology! That's a whole lot of MP3s and Movie files!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Microsoft TechNet and MSDN Road Show

This free event will be held in Crown Plaza hotel in Dubai on the 5th of February. Registration is online at the link below. See you there!