Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The World Cup Predictions Competition

I Challenge you in a World Cup predictions game! I do this every world cup and I have never lost to anyone (yet!). Entries must be in by the end of June 8th GMT. All you have to do is fill out your predictions here and email them to me at: wc06 {at} marwan (dot) com. To win, you have to score more points than me and be the highest point scorer amongst all entries. The winner will win this fabulous trophy:

In addition to bragging rights of course :P If the winner agrees, I can publish his/her name at the end of the world cup on my blog.

Disclaimer: This competition is for fun, so don't take it too seriously and don't loose your sleep on it! This should not be considered as gambling in any way, shape, of form! Special thanks to Top Corner for the the creation of the XLS sheet!


I received emails from some of my friends (mostly women! Asking for.. ahum... Instructions!). So, here you go, ladies:

  1. Download and open the xls sheet in Exel.
  2. There should be two pages: a "your predictions" page and a "the results" page.
  3. In "your predictions" page, ONLY fill out the score for each match (in the gray boxes). The 16 round, semi-final, and final fixtures are shown automatically depending on your predictions.
  4. After you fill up the "your predictions" page, email it to me (before June 9th).
  5. When the world cup starts, start filling up "the results" page after each game. You will notice that the points change depending on how accurate you predictions were!
  6. I will update my results after each game too and let you know of my points.
  7. After the world cup, I will publish the winner's points and my points.
  8. I will send the winner the keychain :)

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