Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sony SPS Review by Samsoomah

Q: What games do you have? and how is the payability like? A: So far i have a wrestling game and its not as fun..im waiting for more games to be released..there are two other games of car racing that are out..but i dont really like racing games.. Q: Is the screen clear in daylight? A: it is as clear as water.. VERRRRYYYY Q: What battery does it use? (what size and is it rechargable or alkaline) A: It's a rechargable kinda battery.. this is whats written on it: 3.6 V 1800mAh Q: How long does the battery last? A: It lasts for around four hours.. Q: Is it a japaneese version? I heard that the american version is not released until March 2005. A: It's japanese.. Thanks again for Samsoomah for her great review and interview :)

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